Trial Flights

Take a trial flight with us and experience just what it’s like to be a pilot!

Trial flights are for any age, as long as you weigh under 100kg, are mobile enough get in and out of the cockpit and can reach the flight controls. Before you fly, you’ll get a basic flight briefing from your instructor, then once you are airborne you can try your hand at the controls, flying the aircraft.

Our trial lessons require no previous experience, knowledge or follow-ups, though of course you may want to follow your first flight up with more!

If you or someone you know is thinking about learning, this is definitely the first step to take. Give it a try – you will almost certainly return to earth with a big smile on your face!

Longer Flights & Land Aways

Why not book a flight and a land away to another airfield and get to see the beautiful English countryside, the Black mountains of Wales, fly down the Coast of Wales or just enjoy the experience of a longer flight with a cake and coffee at the other end.

As an added extra, why not buy a Pilots Log Book with your gift flight, and get the budding pilot’s very first lesson logged.

Or – if purchasing a gift voucher – why not add a video of the event. For just £25.00, we can present you with a record of the whole event from take off to landing on a memory card for you to keep and edit if you wish.

Whatever the flight experience you are looking for, please enquire for details.

To book a trial flight please go to our shop here