Learn to Fly

Gloucestershire’s great little flying club, located at The UK’s best General Aviation Airport, Gloucestershire Airport. Flight Training for NPPL (Microlight) plus conversions and upgrades – and a warm, welcoming club atmosphere, relaxed but professional.

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Becoming a Pilot

What it Takes…

Getting a Private Pilot’s Licence to fly for fun is a straightforward process. All it takes is some motivation, time and effort on your behalf, and we will do the rest to teach and support you in learning one of the most enjoyable skills you can obtain.

Considerations before you start…

Before you can start to fly, here are a few things to consider:

You can start at age 14, you can fly solo at 16 and you can get a licence by 17
You must be under 15 stone in weight
You must be able to climb in and out of the cockpit unassisted
IMPORTANT – You will also need a medical certificate before you are allowed to fly solo (see below for details). This can either be a CAA Medical from an Aviation medical Examiner, or a simpler “GP’s Declaration” which assesses your health against DVLA Driving LIcence health requirements.

Minimum time to qualify – NPPL(M)

The minimum requirements to qualify are that you will need:

To be 17 years old or over
Have a minimum of 25 hours flying of which 10 hours must be solo
Complete 2 x Qualifying cross country solo navigation flights
Pass a general aircraft handling skills test with an examiner
Pass 6 written exams and a Radio skills exam.
Average time to qualify…

Typically most of our students get their NPPL(M) in under 45 hours however many factors come in to play: Age, frequency of flying, learning capability and above all else, your determination and tenacity to want to do it and to become a pilot.

What it will cost…

Although you can complete the flying in the minimum hours, you should expect to budget between £4,000 and £5,500 to complete your training.

A full price list is available here