Our Aircraft

Ikarus C42

The Ikarus C42 is designed and built in Germany, and as you would expect, embodies superb design and ergonomics with solid engineering build and great flying qualities. Its rugged airframe is designed to take on the demands of flight training, but it’s equally at home in a touring capacity.

The Ikarus boasts agility, very effective flying controls, even at low speeds, robust & well-engineered build quality, comfort, great ease of access, ergonomic cockpit layout and exciting flying! With a high power to weight ratio and very effective flap & brake controls, the Ikarus can get in and out of very short strips but mixes well with GA traffic, flying at speeds that match well to SEP trainers such as PA28s and Cessnas. The C42’s running costs are very economic, which are reflected in our cheaper flying prices!

Our own C42 is registered as G-SHCK

Some Ikarus C42 Facts & Figures

  • Typical cruising speed: 80-94 mph
  • Fast cruise 105 mph
  • Power-off, level stall speed 47 mph
  • Average fuel consumption 11 ltrs/hr
  • Range (typical) 500 miles
  • Take-off roll (clear 15m fence) 220 metres